Sowing into the Kingdom is a price you need to pay

Foursquare Anthem


Foursquare we stand for the living word, for the Word of God

Telling to all the story of Jesus, stem of Jesse’s rod

Man of sorrows and of grief, dying on the tree

Mighty Redeemer, glorious Saviour, Jesus of Calvary



Preach the Foursquare Gospel, The Foursquare Gospel

Clear let the Foursquare message ring

Jesus only Saviour, Baptizer and Healer

Jesus the coming King


Unfurl your banners and forward go, Oh ye ransomed host

Trusting in Jesus mighty Baptizer, with the Holy Ghost

Lion of Judah, King of kings, Lord of lords is He

Clothing His Church with power to witness

Leading to victory


Catch up your shield, oh, ye living Church! Christ of Galilee

Bore all our sickness, carried our sorrows, set the prisoners free

Lift the fallen, help the faint, Dry the weeping eye,

Come bring your sickness to thy Physician

For He is passing by


Lift up your eyes, then unto the hills, Lift your voice and sing

The clouds of heaven, aflame with glory, Greet the coming King

Swift as wings of eagle’s flights, shall He come again

Clad in His glory, and robed in honour,

And with His saints shall reign.